Important COVID-19 Update

Staying Healthy with Classmaids

Cleaning is critical anytime, but especially now. It’s more important than ever to keep your house clean as the global spread of the virus continues. Here are a few ways that Classmaids can keep you safe and healthy during this outbreak.

Our cleaning crew is healthy.

Our employees are prohibited to work when they are sick. They will never come to your home when they are not feeling well or running a fever.  When they come, they will wear masks, gloves and shoe covers.  They also carry hand sanitizers.

A clean home helps keep you healthy.

The virus spreads via respiratory droplets that can remain alive for hours and even days on some surfaces.  This means that NOW is the time to schedule a deep cleaning and a recurring cleaning, which all include our COMPLIMENTARY High Touch Add-On Sanitizing Service.

We clean frequently touched surfaces in your home.

The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to wash your hands frequently and sanitize surfaces. The EPA has a complete list of disinfectants you can use against the virus.

Classmaids will be sure to wipe down the frequently touched surfaces of your home, such as:

  • Door bell and alarm buttons
  • Door knobs
  • Light switches / lamp switches
  • Cabinet handles / drawer pulls
  • Drawer handles
  • Hand rails (if any and if possible to clean)
  • Refrigerator door handle
  • Microwave handle and buttons
  • Coffee pot handle
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Toilet handles
  • Hard-backed chairs
  • TV remotes


Other things we are doing to protect our client and our employees.

  • Our employees always wear disposable gloves and face masks throughout every cleaning.
  • We send employees to clean solo, with an occasional second employee to help with bigger jobs. Because of this our employees are only in 1 and maximum 2 homes or offices each day. This reduces exposure and minimizes risk for everyone.
  • We continue sanitizing all towels and mop pads after every use. We NEVER bring dirty mop pads or towels into a new home or office. Clean towels and mop pads are always stored in a separate tote bag away from other supplies.
  • For our residential clients, we understand many are working from home at this time. This should in no way interfere with a cleaning. However, we will ask you to do your best to keep social distancing and stay in a different part of the house from the one that is being cleaned. Again, this minimizes the risk for everyone.
  • We encourage you to clean your cell phone. We know you’re not going to leave your precious cellphone behind for us to clean, so we want you to know how to clean the germiest object you come in contact with every day. Have an iPhone? Apple says it’s safe to wipe down phone screens with a Clorox Disinfectant Wipe or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe.

As always, we encourage you to call, text or email us if you have any questions or concerns. We are so thankful for our clients and hope that we can ride this out together.

Useful information on SARS-CoV-2 and on staying healthy:

  • The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (RNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code. (mutation) and convert them into aggressor and multiplier cells.
  • Since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not killed, but decays on its own. The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and type of material where it lies.
  • The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam CUTS the FAT (that is why you have to rub so much: for 20 seconds or more, to make a lot of foam). By dissolving the fat layer, the protein molecule disperses and breaks down on its own.
  • HEAT melts fat; this is why it is so good to use water above 25 degrees Celsius for washing hands, clothes and everything. In addition, hot water makes more foam and that makes it even more useful.
  • Alcohol or any mixture with alcohol over 65% DISSOLVES ANY FAT, especially the external lipid layer of the virus.
  • Any mix with 1 part bleach and 5 parts water directly dissolves the protein, breaks it down from the inside.
  • Oxygenated water helps long after soap, alcohol and chlorine, because peroxide dissolves the virus protein, but you have to use it pure and it hurts your skin.
  • NO BACTERICIDE SERVES. The virus is not a living organism like bacteria; they cannot kill what is not alive with anthobiotics, but quickly disintegrate its structure with everything said.
  • NEVER shake used or unused clothing, sheets or cloth. While it is glued to a porous surface, it is very inert and disintegrates only between 3 hours (fabric and porous), 4 hours (copper, because it is naturally antiseptic; and wood, because it removes all the moisture and does not let it peel off and disintegrates). 24 hours (cardboard), 42 hours (metal) and 72 hours (plastic). But if you shake it or use a feather duster, the virus molecules float in the air for up to 3 hours, and can lodge in your nose.
  • The virus molecules remain very stable in external cold, or artificial as air conditioners in houses and cars. They also need moisture to stay stable, and especially darkness. Therefore, dehumidified, dry, warm and bright environments will degrade it faster.
  • UV LIGHT on any object that may contain it breaks down the virus protein. For example, to disinfect and reuse a mask is perfect. Be careful, it also breaks down collagen (which is protein) in the skin, eventually causing wrinkles and skin cancer.
  • The virus CANNOT go through healthy skin.
  • Vinegar is NOT useful because it does not break down the protective layer of fat.
  • NO SPIRITS, NOR VODKA, serve. The strongest vodka is 40% alcohol, and you need 65%.
  • The more confined the space, the more concentration of the virus there can be. The more open or naturally ventilated, the less.
  • This is super sad, but you have to wash your hands before and after touching mucosa, food, locks, knobs, switches, remote control, cell phone, watches, computers, desks, TV, etc. And when using the bathroom.
  • You have to MOISTURIZE. HANDS DRY from so much washing, and the molecules can hide in the micro cracks. The thicker the moisturizer, the better.
  • Also keep your NAILS SHORT so that the virus does not hide there.



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