Friday, 13 March 2020

Pet Hair Quick Tip

Animals add so much to our lives.  Friendship, love and laughter.  They bring an abundance of all of this and more into our homes.  But what they also bring a lot of is their hair!  Cats, dogs and any other furry friend you bring into your home brings with it pet hair and dander.  Even non-shedding varieties still will loose hair on occasion.

One of the most challenging pieces of pet ownership is keeping pet hair off furniture and other non-hard surfaces.  Even vacuuming sometimes is not enough, especially if you have heavy shedders.  It is hard to pull every piece of pet hair out of the couch.  But with this quick tip, you will find it much easier to get more pet hair off your furniture!  Take a pair of rubber gloves and get them damp.  Then with the damp gloves run them over the furniture and the damp glove will pick up all the hair the vacuum left behind!

For help maintaining the pet hair in your home call Classmaids LLC.  We have professional grade tools to handle pet hair and dander.  Then you will not have to be chasing pet hair with rubber gloves.  Call us today at (561) 470-9200 or visit our website at to book your appointment. 


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